Maintain supply chain efficiency with the right ERP system

Companies working with vendors globally have had to adapt through the current COVID-19 crisis as demand drastically shifts. The medical device industry was hit the hardest, with global demand increasing, supply chain efficiency has become more important than ever. Medical device companies have had to ensure vendors are in compliance with regulations, while satisfying demand as quickly as possible. 

The medical device supply chain is complex and requires the right technology to ensure real time visibility to strategize and mitigate risks. The right ERP system can help:

  • Monitor production capacity and respond quickly to modified product requirements
  • Manage supply chain insights
  • Meet departmental and regulatory requirements 
  • Provide real-time business intelligence and analytics



Learn more about the complexities manufacturers are currently facing and how cloud-based ERP solutions like SAP Business ByDesign can help maintain medical supply chain efficiency, ensuring patient safety and product integrity.