Q2, 2021 Middle Market Executive Report

Conducted by the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM)

As the United States moves towards a post-pandemic era, the NCMM surveyed over 1,000 Executives in the middle market ($10M to $1B) to understand how these leaders are spending capital, making technology investments, and managing growth.

How does your company compare with industry peers?

As a sponsor of this exclusive report, VistaVu, a leading provider of technology solutions in the mid-market, will be providing key insights and takeaways on:

  • Executive confidence across global, US, and local markets
  • Economic outlook and impact on business activities
  • Digital innovation trends and investments
  • Growth projections and capital spending

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Sneak Peek

Early Insights from the Q2 MMI Report


ERP Solutions

59% of firms currently have an ERP solution in place & over half of those who do not, plan to have one in the future.


Although 52% of firms feel that digitization is important, only 35% believe they are digitally advanced

Risk Management

79% of executives agree that the importance of risk management & cyber security has increased significantly

FAQ's: National Center for the Middle Market & MMI Report

What qualifies a company as middle market?

The National Center for the Middle Market's definition of the middle market is any company between $10M - $1B in revenues. Companies can be private and public, family owned, and sole proprietorships, geographically diverse, and span almost all industries. 

How often is the survey conducted?

The National Center for the Middle Market conducts a semi-annual Middle Market Indicator Report, which is published in Q2 and Q4 of each year.

What is the methodology being used for the MMI Report?

The Middle Market Indicator Survey is conducted online leveraging a proprietary research panel. The data for each quarter is weighted to ensure that it is balanced to the US Census on the following criteria: Gross Revenues, Industry and US Census Region. In order to normalize the revenue and employment growth distributions, outliers are adjusted using a technique known as Winsorization.

How are the results segmented?

The National Center for the Middle Market segments results by:

a) Industry (Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, Services, & Wholesale Trade)

b) Revenue Size ($10M - $50M, $50M - $100M, $100M - $1B)

c) U.S. Census Regions (New England, Middle Atlantic, East North Central, West North Central, South Atlantic, East South Central, West South Central, Mountain, Pacific)

d) State (California, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, New York, Texas)

What specific metrics does this report capture?

On a semi-annual basis the Middle Market Indicator report tracks the following metrics:

a) Revenue & Employment Growth (Past 12 Months and Next 12 Months)
b) Company Performance
c) Challenges
d) Investment Strategy
e) Confidence in the Economy (Local, National, Global)

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