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Whitepaper - IDG & VistaVu Solutions

Successful Integration Strategies Often Require Third-Party Platforms & Expertise

Mid-market companies know they must integrate multiple systems to automate data flows and work processes, but often lack the bandwidth & expertise to tackle projects on their own. 

As mid-market companies chart their course through today's digital landscape, many are struggling to integrate diverse collections of applications & data stores. Integrating these IT silos has become a top priority for several reasons, including competitive demands and heightened customer expectations. 

Primary data integration & automation challenges faced by companies today include:

  • Difficulty scaling IT resources
  • Budget constraints 
  • Inconsistent or incomplete data inputs
  • Insufficient tools & technology

Download this whitepaper from IDG & VistaVu Solutions to learn how to address challenging digital transformation and business needs with Boomi, including platform integration and workflow automation. 

Download this FREE whitepaper from IDG & VistaVu Solutions